Preparing for your Replacement Window Estimate

Tips to Prepare for An Accurate Window Estimate

Replacement Windows Houston TX

When you invest in replacement windows for your home, you are making an investment that improves the style and comfort of your home’s environment in addition to helping you save money through increased energy efficiency.

New Replacement Windows:

  • Save You Money on Heating and Cooling
  • Make Your Home More Attractive
  • Contribute to increases Safety and Security
  • Increase Resale Value
  • Offer Years of Comfort and Enjoyment

In order to ensure that you get the type of replacement windows that best suit your home’s needs at the best price, there are several key things to consider in preparation for getting a window estimate.

Number of Windows and Location

Prior to getting an estimate, count the number of windows you have and don’t forget to include any obscured glass windows already in the bathroom or other areas of the home where you want the natural light windows provide but also require privacy. Make a list of these window locations and ask yourself if there are any windows you may want to change styles or any locations that might be best converted into a door.

Types of Replacement Windows

It’s important to know what type of replacement windows would best meet your needs and offer you the features you want. Wood windows are very attractive but require the most investment as well as regular maintenance. They are easy to paint or stain in a color to match your existing d├ęcor. Clad-wood windows offers the appeal and insulation features of wood without the extensive maintenance. Vinyl windows are a good choice, impervious to moisture with no maintenance required, but they can’t be painted. Fiberglass windows are temperature and moisture resistant as well as paintable, but are only available in certain sizes. Aluminum is an affordable replacement window choice. They are durable and easy to clean, but unless they are thermally broken, offer poor insulation in cold climates and subject to moisture condensation.

Replacement Window Styles

There are numerous styles of windows available, so it pays to consider the benefits each may offer. Casement windows can be hinged to open from the right or left hand side for easy opening with a crank. Double-hung windows feature two moveable panels that slide up or down for easy opening. Fixed, or picture windows, are appropriate for areas where you want to enjoy the view but don’t need to open the window. An awning window is hinged at the top so that the window slopes downward when opened to prevent rain access.

Replacement Window Glass Options

Depending upon the location of the window (adjacent to a door for example) you may need tempered glass depending on the code in your area. There are two major types of Low-E glass (2/70 and 3/66) and there is also laminated glass options. Most manufacturers have a glass package that is matched to our geographic area and climate.

Armed with our tips on the available options and possible style changes, etc. You’re ready to get started on your replacement window project.