Replacement Window and Door Houston TX

replacement window houston tx
How do you instantly…

  • Improve Curb Appeal
  • Increase Resale Value
  • Reduce Noise
  • Increase Comfort
  • Eliminate Drafts
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Increase Safety and Security

…All with ONE Home Improvement?
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Call Replacement Window Houston TX! That’s How!

There is no denying it. Replacing your windows has to be the single most important and most effective home improvement project you can do.

Replacement Window Houston TX
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New windows look great. It may even be time to update the look of your home by changing the style of your windows or the grid patterns on the glass. With a qualified home improvement contractor like Replacement Window Houston TX (by www.houstonwindowexperts.com and Jeff Ludy) you can even change the size or shape of the window opening. Even add windows where there were none before.

No “Big Box Store” Windows here at Replacement Window Houston TX!

Nope. We don’t just run down to “you know who” (mega depot outlet store) and pick up windows off the shelf. Every window we order is completely custom. We take accurate (to the eighth inch) measurements and have a window manufactured just for that opening. That’s why changes are possible. If you want larger (or smaller) or a different shape, our carpenters will work with the window installer to make it all possible.

How Will Your House Be Quieter?

We get that question all the time. Your original windows on your home are probably aluminum and are single pane glass. They are terrible “insulators”.

Not just from heat and cold but from sound as well. That weed whacker that starts up at 8:15 AM on Saturday when you are trying to sleep in…all that sound and the sound from the garbage trucks driving by, children playing, etc. will be quite a bit quieter.

That’s because your glass is actually thicker (it’s double strength glass now) and there are two panes of glass. Plus, there is an air gap between the window filled with argon gas. These features make the windows better at insulating against drastic temperatures and invading sounds.

Will My Home Really Be Worth More?

Yes. And it will also have a competitive advantage in the marketplace if you sell. Study after study, replacement windows and doors have proven to have an excellent Return on Investment (ROI). When your home is up for sale, you can raise your asking price due to already having the advantage of replacement window and door improvements. When potential clients see your home and compare it to the other homes for sale in your neighborhood that have not made the change…they’ll be sold on yours! You just saved them time and money.
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Other Major Benefits?

Everybody else talks about the energy savings benefits from the low U-Factor and low SHGC numbers. You’ve heard that a million times. How about something else? What about security and safety?:

  • Dual Cam Locks
  • Night Safety Latches
  • Easy to Open in an Emergency
  • Stronger Glass
  • Higher DP Ratings (that’s design pressure)

Those ought to be enough for now. Most of the double hung windows now come with not just one lock but, two locks! Dual cam locks to make your windows too frustrating to attempt entry! With night latches (you can use them in the day too), you are able to partially open the window for fresh air but not enough for entry and certainly more safe when you have toddlers around.

If your current windows are oxidized (rusted) and impossible to open or have even been painted shut, you’ve got a severe safety issue. In the event of an emergency, windows must remain available as an emergency exit. Your new windows will solve that. Double strength glass and Design Pressure team up to make your windows stronger. The glass is less prone to breakage and a high DP protects your windows against blowing out in a strong wind like our occasional hurricanes, tornadoes and wind sheers.
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How Do You Get Replacement Window Houston TX?

Well, we have made it simple for you. Call us at 832-900-7655 or click the link to our Request Quote form. Either way, you will get answers to your questions and can get a free quote for replacement of your windows for your Houston area home.

We serve the entire Houston Area:

  • Houston, Deerpark, League City
  • Sugarland, Richmond
  • Friendswood, Pearland
  • Conroe, Spring, Woodlands
  • Kingwood, Humble, Atascocita, Huffman
  • Galveston, Tiki Island, Kemah
  • And a lot of points in between!

Call us or complete the request form today!

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